The blocks are incredibly easy to work with. Being able to fix directly to the blocks saved a lot of time and money on-site.

- John Micallef, Hawkesbury Homes | Builder

Wood Stone® is a great option for eco-friendly designs. It’s a high-quality sustainable product that is lighter than other masonry products. It has the benefits of stone without the weight.

- Steve Phillips, Rocksolid Constructions | Master Builder/Stone Mason

I love how natural the Wood Stone® products look. The colouring and texture fit perfectly with my surroundings. It makes it feel like home.

- Darren, NSW | Wood Stone® Home Owner

My team loves working with Wood Stone® masonry. It’s easy to use and the finished product looks great.

- Joel Carr, 1 Stop Brickn’Block | Block Layer

The sustainable solution for masonry

Natural Brick Co revives waste products that have been destined for landfill. We take numerous nontoxic waste streams and recycle them into masonry products that allow people to build energy efficient homes without the carbon footprint created by traditional masonry.

Our masonry products are made from recycled timber, glass and rice hulls. These waste materials are reconstituted into unique masonry formulas that exhibit unparalleled thermal performance. We ensure that all of our products are environmentally conscious and sustainable.



The sustainable solution for masonry

Natural Brick Co revives waste products that have been destined for landfill. We take numerous nontoxic waste streams and recycle them into masonry products that allow people to build energy efficient homes without the carbon footprint created by traditional masonry.

Our masonry products are made from recycled timber, glass and rice hulls. These waste materials are reconstituted into unique masonry formulas that exhibit unparalleled thermal performance. We ensure that all of our products are environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Natural Brick Co focuses on reducing carbon emissions throughout the entire manufacturing process. Locally sourced materials and innovative manufacturing processes work to bury carbon by absorbing multiple streams of waste and producing materials that have renewed longevity in homes and buildings for decades to come.

Burying Carbon
Wood Stone® Carbon Sequestration (Per block)

  • Carbon stored
    Waste products
  • Carbon Content
    Off White Portland Cement (OWPC)
  • Total Carbon cost 0.23kg

Unlike traditional masonry options, Natural Brick Co has worked to refine manufacturing processes to bury carbon during production. This carbon consciousness continues into the curing stage where we utilise natural curing to avoid the high carbon cost of artificial curing.

Sustainability in masonry is about innovating better solutions for the building industry. Natural Brick Co works to innovate options for sustainable design by providing high performance masonry that works to balance thermal mass, insulation and conductivity. When paired with sustainability conscious design, Wood Stone® provides options for passive solar, passivhaus and other sustainable design strategies.

Thermal Performance

Thermal Performance

Unparalleled thermal performance for homes

Thermal performance is a vital component to the function of all homes. Natural Brick Co relies on performance based development to ensure that our products provide practical solutions for thermal efficiency. By utilising a performance based framework, we have developed Wood Stone® Masonry which is a Cellulose Masonry Composite (CMC) material that efficiently overcomes typical obstacles to thermally efficient homes.

A Two Fold Function

Thermal performance is a twofold function;

  1. Insulation: The ability to prevent the transfer of heat through a material.
  2. Thermal mass: a material's ability to control the transfer of energy through efficient absorption and release.

Wood Stone® masonry products exhibit unparalleled masonry insulation properties. The CMC material has the fireproof properties of standard masonry while the cellulose properties exhibit a unique blend of thermal and sound insulation.

The Australian climate requires buildings that are capable of harnessing high diurnal temperature variation. The current focus on R ratings through the National Construction Code (NCC) has pushed buildings to adhere to rating systems that work to reduce the need for excess energy consumption for heating ventilation and cooling systems. The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) and the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) have been developed to set a new standard for energy efficiency and sustainability in residential housing. Wood Stone® masonry not only satisfies these requirements for insulation and mass, it strives to empower higher NatHERS ratings for masonry homes.

Perhaps the most gruelling test for masonry in Australia is the Fire Resistance Level (FRL) test.
Despite being made from recycled timber, Wood Stone® is a non-combustible material that surpassed the requirements for structural adequacy, integrity and insulation. Wood Stone® easily fulfilled the CSIRO’s FRL testing at 240/240/240. Temperatures inside the kiln exceeded 1100ºc while the external face of the wall only increased by 46ºc after a total of 4 hours of testing. During the first 30 minutes of the test, the external surface of the wall experienced no change in temperature, meaning that Wood Stone® is a solid option for Bushfire Attack Level - Flame Zone (BAL-FZ).

Wood Stone® harnesses the perfect balance between conductivity, resistance and thermal lag. Due to the high diurnal temperature variation in the harsh Australian Climate, insulation is not enough. Buildings need to have the ability to store and release heat efficiently, ensuring that internal temperatures maintain a comfortable climate.

The ability to withstand fire, intense heat and extreme cold.
Harnessing thermal energy by efficiently absorbing and distributing the energy.
Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Masonry that lowers energy bills

Wood Stone® incorporates a unique balance between thermal mass, lag and conductivity to efficiently absorb and release thermal energy. These properties work to store and release energy from the sun keeping homes warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer. Wood Stone® works to stabilize internal temperatures which minimises the need for electrical heating and cooling, allowing homes to harness solar energy.

Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning makes up 40% of the typical Australian energy bill. Wood Stone® gives homeowners the option to harvest free energy from the sun, first absorbing the energy and then efficiently releasing it to maintain lower temperature diurnals internally. Wood Stone® partners with sustainable design strategies to prevent the need for air conditioning in homes, ultimately saving homeowners on a large portion of their energy bills.

Passive solar design works to direct energy from the sun to warm houses in winter and keep houses cool in summer. The principles of passive solar design work to orient glazing and floor plans to mechanically block excessive heat in summer, while allowing the sun’s energy to warm houses in winter. By utilising adequate shading to block the sun and well placed thermal mass to absorb energy, houses can achieve incredible energy efficiency.

Household Enery Costs

A fundamental cultural aspect of the Australian society is our desire to be connected with the outdoors. Australian’s typically love to have fresh air without compromising internal temperatures. This is one of the shortcomings of a ‘well insulated house.’ Insulation works only to stop the transfer of heat, so when a door or window is left open, and the internal temperature becomes uncomfortable, the only option is to utilise electrical methods of resetting a comfortable temperature. When Wood Stone® is harnessed correctly, the products work to absorb radical temperature changes to ensure that homes maintain a comfortable climate.

We work closely with Certified Energy to ensure that our products truly outperform traditional masonry. When it comes to understanding ongoing energy usage in households, Certified Energy can simulate the energy usage of house designs by simulating how materials react and behave to the outdoor climate. For more information on how Natural Brick Co can help you achieve higher NatHERS ratings, please get in contact with our team.

Water Resistance

Water Resistance

Breathable masonry maintaining healthy homes

Wood Stone® gives homeowners the option of building in single skin/leaf applications, which works to maintain thermal performance and cost efficiency. Traditionally single skin masonry has caused a number of problems for water ingress and permeability. Wood Stone® single skin blocks mechanically drain water that wicks through external mortar beds, redirecting it through the drainage cavities and out the weep holes. Wood Stone® products remain breathable while preventing water ingress and dampness internally.

Natural Brick Co has worked to develop solutions to traditional problems with masonry. The biggest problem with masonry has always been water ingress. This problem has led to a number of mandatory requirements for masonry construction such as the need for cavities, acrylic membrane sealers and minimum eaves coverage. Mortar naturally wicks moisture through capillary action, from the external wall surface to the internal wall surface. In order to prevent this, we have developed 3 barriers to water ingress:

  1. Mortarshield: This additive works to repel moisture from mortar.
  2. Shell Bedding: By shell bedding mortar on both tops and perpends of our blocks, moisture is unable to bridge from the external face of our blocks to the internal face.
  3. Drainage cavities: Built in to every Wood Stone® block is a mechanical drainage system that effectively utilises gravity to draw ingressed moisture down the cavities and out the weep holes.

Unlike traditional concrete blocks, Wood Stone® has very low water permeability meaning that moisture can’t travel from one face of the brick to the otherside. Due to this property, the main concern with water penetration is through mortar joints.

Wood Stone® pertains to the principles of building biology. As part of the building biology framework, the Wood Stone® materials is a breathable product that defends against mould and dampness by having no dew point. The products innovative properties ensure that buildings remain healthy by regulating thermal comfort, dampness and air quality. For more information on building biology, click here.

Natural Brick Co recommends a penetrating, low VOC, silicone based sealer. The sealer remains breathable while helping to repel water. When applied, the blocks maintain their aesthetic. This sealer allows for homeowners to clean walls easily, without the need for high pressure water or chemicals.

Cost Effective

Cost Effectiveness

Masonry that saves money on construction and energy

Wood Stone masonry is the cost effective solution to building sustainably. Due to the innovative design of the Wood Stone® blocks, building in single skin applications is both effective and affordable. Wood Stone® is a face finish material that has built in insulation and mechanical drainage (Single Skin Product Range) saving on multiple materials and trades.

The three components to building with Wood Stone® are blocks, labour and sealing. When shown side by side with other comparative materials and styles, Wood Stone® blocks and veneers demonstrate a comparative price point.

Single Skin construction means that time is saved on the need for multiple trades.

Brick Veneer Construction:

Trades Materials
Carpenter Framing and insulation
Brick Layer Bricks, mortar and core fill
Gyprocker Dry wall
Painter Internal and external paint

Wood Stone® single skin construction:

Trades Materials
Block layer Wood Stone® Blocks

As explained in the energy efficient section, Wood Stone® works to regulate temperature change in households. Keeping homes warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer. This saves money on heating and cooling, which is a major contributor to household energy bills.

The Natural Brick Co range works to enable energy efficient design and construction strategies such as:

  • Passive Solar Design (PSD)
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)
  • Passive House (Passivhaus)

The ability to maximise space on the internal envelope of a build is extremely valuable. Standard brick veneer construction works at 250mm wall thickness, whereas Wood Stone® blocks only require 190mm wall thickness. The extra 60mm on the internal envelope of a build would typically calculate to an extra 4m2 + of extra internal floorspace on a standard build.