We handcraft sustainable masonry products from recycled materials.

What We Do

The team at Natural Brick Co are passionate about providing the highest quality sustainable masonry to people looking for better insulated and energy efficient homes. Our customers are at the center of all our research and development, as we strive to create masonry that feels different. We want our customers to feel the difference of their sustainable home, warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Natural Brick Co focuses on reducing carbon emissions through the entirety of the manufacturing process. Locally sourced materials and innovative manufacturing processes work to bury carbon by absorbing multiple streams of waste producing materials that have a renewed longevity in homes and buildings in the decades to come. Sustainability in masonry is about innovating better solutions for the building industry.

Wall Build

Meet The Team


Decades of experience working with printing presses has honed Karl’s unique ability to innovate and fabricate the varying tools needed to craft the best sustainable masonry. Karl never shies away from lending a hand on the tools or building the tools to make our crafting process more efficient. His drive to make creative ideas come to life leads him to develop and trial new moulds and tools that express creativity practically. Karl’s wealth of experience and ingenuity is a driving force behind our team’s innovative culture. When torn away from work at the factory, Karl is out on the family farm finding new projects to keep his hands busy.


When it comes to bricks and blocks, no human alive has hand made more of them. Troy’s first-hand experience and relentless pursuit of quality is the backbone of our product development. A unique passion for colour formulation and material science has enabled Natural Brick Co to provide sustainable masonry products that provide elegant and rustic aesthetics to projects throughout Australia. Troy is always eager to trial new recycled materials, modules and colours to craft better products for our builder, designer and architect friends. After a big day of crafting and innovation at the factory, Troy can be found out on the greens at the local golf course awaiting his ‘inevitable’ invitation to join the PGA tour.


After finishing school in Australia, Will spent time in Kenya and Uganda working with organisations building schools and housing. This experience has fuelled his passion for people and culture leading to regular stints in Eastern Africa. Becoming involved in sustainable masonry bloomed from a passion to see sustainability permeate the building industry. Devoted to seeing people adapt to a culture of sustainability, Will has embarked on the journey of providing and helping to develop sustainable masonry products that people love to see, use and experience. When not out introducing blocks to designers and architects, you can find Will at the local dog park with his kelpie ‘Bua’.