After the Bushfires

After the Bushfires

The devastation of the recent and ongoing bushfires has stretched far beyond what any Australian’s thought possible. The ongoing chaos and uncertainty have had overwhelming effects on both Australian’s as well as those that watch on from around the world.

For the first time in history, homes and land are being completely ravaged throughout our nation on a national scale. While some areas have received the rain needed to allow the RFS to take control of fire fronts, there are still a number of fires burning out of control.

One of the violent discoveries of the recent bushfires was the self-evident under resourcing for the Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Services. For many Australians, there was not enough personnel, equipment and water to adequately protect properties, homes and lives of both people and animals. Despite the ongoing courage and tireless work of many volunteers, SES and RFS personnel, the bushfires have been excessively overwhelming.

Bushfires in Australia are inevitable, which means our future responses must be both researched and implementable in order to prevent a recurrence of the recent bushfire catastrophe. One of the greatest challenges that the bushfires pose to Australians is cost effective solutions for protecting homes and properties when RFS and SES resources are stretched to the limit. The government is working to tighten rules on building in bushfire prone areas by instigating stringent testing for both building materials and design options. While this works to prevent future destruction, the cost and accessibility to compliant materials is becoming increasingly difficult. People looking to rebuild after the bushfires need solutions that are going to provide security while allowing Australians to affordably rebuild their lives.

Being a company based in the Lower Blue Mountains, we understand the importance of cost-effective solutions for building in bushfire prone areas. Our goal is to work with designers, architects and builders to give the Australian community security in the face of future fires. We believe that sustainability is the only way forward. This passion for sustainability drives us to help the Australian community find sustainable materials and practices that work to protect property and life.