Bushfire Building Conference

Bushfire Building Conference

The bushfire Building conference was introduced to Australia shortly after the devastation of the 2013 bushfires. There were hundreds of homes destroyed throughout the Blue Mountains prompting homeowners, building designers, architects, builders and local councils to rethink design and building materials for homes. Numerous updates to the building code were an initial response to the catastrophe. While the changes were warranted, the ensuing confusion left many people without black and white answers for choosing adequate building materials to comply with regulations while performing to protect homes in the case of bushfires.

Thus, The Bushfire Building Conference set out with a goal of clearing up confusion and collaborating with all parties to offer effective solutions for building in bushfire prone areas.

The Natural Brick Co team is based in the Blue Mountains and we have seen first-hand the destruction of bushfires. We had the opportunity to partner in the 2019 Bushfire Building Conference and collaborate with a number of companies and individuals that are offering dynamic products and design principles that work to prepare homes and buildings for the inevitable bushfires. We have worked to not only produce products that are compliant with the current testing specifications, but products that well exceed the expectations of the National Construction code, AS3959 and AS3700, looking to outperform other wall systems. The unparalleled insulative performance of the Wood Stone Single Skin blocks have introduced an effective solution for Bushfire Building Design.

We understand that wall materials are just a small part of the how a building functions in the event of a bushfire, our endeavour is to provide simple solutions for wall systems so that money and time can be saved and redirected toward other areas of importance such as windows, doors and roof systems. We can’t fireproof your entire home, but we can fireproof the system that holds all your building materials together.

“This annual event has positioned the Blue Mountains community as leaders in the area of bushfire resilience. What started as a response to our own bushfires in 2013 has grown into something much bigger, helping communities Australia-wide become more bushfire-aware and resilient whilst delivering significant economic benefits to our region.”
- Bernie Fehon, CEO of BMEE