Crafting Lutyens

Crafting Lutyens

One of the greatest things about handcrafted masonry is the malleability of our Wood Stone formula for innovative modules, textures and colours. The handcrafted process allows architects and designers to reimagine masonry from formulation to application.

The Lutyens range was first inspired by the amazing team at Papesch Architecture. While we were working together to find some solutions for one of their current projects, the conversation about innovative masonry began. We began by talking about module potentials for the Wood Stone material. The Papesch team was looking for masonry products that had an elegant shape, highlighting a slim yet balanced ratio of height to length. While there were plenty of masonry options already available to the market, it was hard to source products that had a focus on sustainability with low embodied energy.

As a team, we needed to come up with a handcrafted module that upheld the values of sustainability while working to provide a masonry solution that was both cost effective and beautiful. This promptly led to a lot of trial and error in the testing phase. We cast different sizes, with different formulations, with different processes. Due to the nature of the Wood Stone material, weeks of natural curing had to occur before testing and trials could ascertain as to whether or not our processes and formulations had worked to create sustainable and functional masonry products.

After months of trials and feedback on various samples, we found a module that worked for both architects and masonry craftsmen alike. The 590 x 65 x 110 module exhibited finesse in craftsmanship while working hand in hand with architects and builders.

The Lutyens range is an inspirational expression of how creativity meets practicality. We have learnt to become better craftsmen through this process all while developing a new and exciting product that will work through the ages.