The Handcrafted Process

The Handcrafted Process

Handcrafting masonry products is both a passion and challenge for our team. There is a fine balance of finesse and heavy lifting, working in collaboration, to form some of the most unique masonry products in the world. All of our work stems from a genuine passion to create sustainable masonry products that people love to see, work with and live with.

Our handcrafted process starts by sourcing recycled materials such as woodchip, rice hulls and glass. We then harness the unique thermal and structural properties of these waste materials and bind them together with sand and cement. By working these materials together, we create a mix that we call Wood Stone. The Wood Stone material is unlike any masonry composite in the world. We have carefully refined ratios, mixing processes and non-toxic additives to find a blend that perfectly embodies the warmth of timber and the strength of concrete, while producing an aesthetic that harnesses both traditional and contemporary elegance.

When Wood Stone is perfectly mixed, it is hand poured into moulds where our team works to press the mix into the face and corners for every brick and block. When the mix is firmly shaped into the moulds, we run multiple tooled finishes over the top surfaces to form the edges of the products. After a short time of drying, the moulds are lifted from the mix which creates a textured face finish for the bricks and blocks. The semi-dried blocks and bricks are then hand pressed for sizing and gauging before being left to dry naturally for a further 3 days.

Our use of handcrafted processes and natural curing techniques work to lower the embodied energy of all of our masonry products, providing low carbon masonry solutions for the construction industry. Every part of our process is thought out and carefully implemented by our masonry craftsmen. This allows Wood Stone masonry to exhibit a unique character that is symbolic of our sustainably handcrafted process.

When the bricks and blocks are adequately dried, they are individually hand lifted, assessed and stone cleaned before being sorted and stacked for curing. We allow the Wood Stone blocks and bricks to cure naturally for the following 8 weeks before sending them to site. Throughout this time, the moisture content drops from the bricks and blocks, leaving them ready for use in sustainable buildings.