BUSHFIRE Compliance

There are a number of parameters that surround building compliance for bushfire prone areas. These parameters are specifically geared toward protecting buildings from the likelihood of future bushfire events which is an assessment of:

Bushfire Compliance Specifications:

There are a number of parameters that surround building compliance for bushfire prone areas. These parameters are specifically geared toward protecting buildings from the likelihood of future bushfire events which is an assessment of:

  1. the potential for ignition caused by burning embers, radiant heat or flame generated by a bushfire, and
  2. the intensity of the bushfire attack on the building.

The parameters taken into account are focused on specifications of materials, design and construction to ensure that buildings are adequately protected in the event of bushfire attack. The AS3959 sets out the rules and regulations for ‘construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.’ These rules and regulations govern the required testing and compliance for materials used in bushfire prone areas. The AS3959 outlines the stringent testing that must be performed on building materials in order to comply with the National Construction Code. This testing is both strenuous and costly which often leads to exponential price increases for compliant products and materials.

Our masonry products have been developed to exceed the current industry standards for bushfire construction compliance. Our Masonry solutions are all non-combustible while complying to the AS3959 - construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas. Our compliance is based on three areas:

  1. All our masonry products are at a minimum of 90mm as a deemed-to-satisfy solution under the AS3959, for building in bushfire prone areas up to BAL-FZ.
  2. All our masonry products are certified by the CSIRO to be non-combustible as per the AS1530.3 compliance testing.
  3. Macquarie blocks have an FRL, Fire Resistance Level, of 240/240/240 as per the AS1530.4 compliance testing.

Our masonry products are a cost effective solution for construction in bushfire-prone areas. For compliance certificates and more information, see the links and downloads below or alternatively get in contact with our team.

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Building for Bushfire Protection

The devastation of the Australian Bushfires is the greatest issue facing Australian families. With one of the worst droughts in history, limited firefighting resources and an ever-expanding population, Australians are struggling to survive life in homes ‘among the gum trees.’ While homes can be rebuilt, what lies within the walls of every home is often irreplaceable.

How can we be better prepared for imminent bushfires in the future? Bushfire survival is not a matter of just building to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) compliance, installing bushfire protection sprinkler systems, increasing vegetation buffer zones or having a good action plan for leaving. The truth is that all of these systems have to work in harmony to increase the likelihood of protecting both life and property.

We specialise in one part of the bushfire survival and protection system. We produce masonry products that far exceed the Australian Standards for bushfire attack providing security to home owners in Australia. Despite this security, we know that bushfires work to exploit the weakest points of a structure in order to infiltrate the internal elements of buildings, which are often combustible. While your wall system may be completely fireproof, windows, doors and roof systems may have their weaknesses exploited leading to full scale destruction.

The goal of bushfire security design is to pair materials together to create a total fireproof building system. This means sourcing products that are first and foremost compliant with the AS3959 (Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas), then cost effective, aesthetically comforting and accessible. We specialise in bushfire ready wall systems that work to tie all of the components together in a building. Our walls form the glue between slabs, windows, doors and roof systems, allowing peace of mind while empowering home owners, architects and designers to spend their additional time and resources on other systems that may face larger issues for bushfire protection.

We are passionate about sustainability and part of this passion drives us toward finding sustainable solutions for people looking to build in bushfire prone areas. Sustainability is about finding products that will stand the test of time and bushfires. While being sustainable from content to creation, we believe that sustainability should be a measure of longevity and lifespan, creating products that will survive through bushfire attack.

We love helping Australian’s build better protected homes and would love to connect you with some of our industry partners who are able to offer effective solutions for protecting your home from bushfire attack.