Product Tests and Compliance

Type Name of Test Reference Authority
Combustibility test for materials AS 1530.1
Flammability of materials AS 1530.2
Ignitability, Flame Propagation. Heat Release and Smoke Release AS 1530.3 CSIRO
FRL - Loadbearing AS 1530.4 CSIRO
BAL - 12.5 TO BAL-FZ AS 1530.8.2 CSIRO
Freeze Thaw ASTM C1262-05a
Salt Attack AS/NZS 4456.10
Unconfined Compressive Strength AS/NZS 4456.4 NATA/WSCT
Lateral Modulus of Rupture AS/NZS 445.15 NATA/WSCT
Initial Rate of Absorption AS/NZS 445.17 NBC
Rainwater Ingress as system AS 3700 NBC
  • Wet Cast: Category DW1
  • Dry Cast: Category DW4
AS/NZS 4456.3 NBC
Web Thickness AS/NZS 4455.24 NBC
Efflorescence AS/NZS 4456.6 NBC
Water Permeability AS/NZS 4456.16 NBC
Moisture content and dry density AS/NZS 4456.8 NBC
Water absorption properties AS/NZS 4456.14 NBC
Coefficients of contraction (Shrinkage) AS/NZS 4456.12 WSTC